A pig farm project with a scale of 24000 fattening pigs

Author: NanshangNongKe


The project includes 8 nursery houses, fattening houses and ancillary facilities, with a breeding scale of 24,000 fattening pigs. Our factory is entrusted by the customer to carry out the whole farm design of pig farm according to its scale, intensive and automatic breeding standard, and provide a full set of EPC turnkey service, including the design and construction of the full set of equipment such as the environmental control system, pen system, material line system and so on.


Hot equipment

Chain-disk feeding system for pig fa

Chain-disk feeding system for pig farms is one of the most commonly used feed transfer and

Intelligent environment controller f

Intelligent environment controller for pigsty is a smart controller developed specifically

Stainless steel wire mesh for pig fa

Pig farm stainless steel wire mesh is used to prevent the invasion of mosquitoes, birds, r

Eectronic feeding station for sows

This Sow Electronic Feeding Station is an intelligent sow small group free-range feeding s

Pig Performance testing stations

Pig performance testing system uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to identify indi