Eectronic feeding station for sows
Eectronic feeding station for sows electronic sow feed electronic sow feed electronic sow feed

Eectronic feeding station for sows

This electronic feeding station for sows is a precise and intelligent feeding system for free-range sows developed by our company. This system can be used stand-alone or networked. In the networked system, the equipment is managed by software on the computer or cell phone to optimize the feeding behavior of breeding sows, save feed, maximize sow reproductive performance, and greatly reduce the intensity of operation.
1.Improve the locomotor function of pregnant sows.
2.Reduce hoof disease of sows.
3.Reduce urinary system disease of sows.
4.Improve the social activities of sows.
5.Realize the fine feeding of sows in the pregnancy stage.


Sow electronic feeding station is developed to avoid the harm of gestation pens to pregnant sows. It can recognize the number of pregnant sows through RFID and allow pregnant sows to move and feed freely, so as to realize intelligent and precise feeding. Through the electronic sow feeding station, the production performance of sows can be effectively improved!

Product mix

electronic feeding station structure
1-controller; 2-bin; 3-head frame;
4-Mid-range animal reader; 5-Feed chute; 6-Anti-congestion baffle;
7-Anti-recumbent bar; 8-Width limiting tube; 9-Control door;
10-Split rear door; 11-Three-stage latch; 12-Split front door;
13-Bar tabs; 14-Arch-breaking springs; 15-Pressure-proof covers;
16-Arch-breaking bracket; 17-Arch-breaking wheel; 18-Downdraft pulling wheel;
19-Downdraft device; 20-Touch lever; 21-Downdraft motor.


Compared with the traditional electronic feeding station for sows, this one has more advantages, with a more reasonable structure, more comprehensive functions and a smaller footprint.
1.Intelligent control, single machine can work independently, can also be networked operation.
2.Touch lever touching down the material, eat when you want, no waste of feed.
3.RIFD reads the card, accurately recognizes the pig, accurately gives the amount of material.
4.Accurate water and material control, control the ratio of water and material.
5.Three-level lock mechanism, more convenient and efficient to open and lock the door.
6.Rationing of daily feed intake for each pig, and accurate statistics.

Specification Parameters

Option Parameter
Number of pigs
Pig pen area
Card reader spacing
Hopper capacity 40kg
Feeding accuracy <=10g
Electrical parameters
220V AC,≤120W



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