Pig Performance testing stations
Pig Performance testing stations Pig Performance Testing System Pig Performance Testing System Pig Performance Testing System

Pig Performance testing stations

NanShangNongKe's pig performance testing system uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to identify individual pigs, enabling the system to assign measurements to each specific record. Sensitive load cells continuously weigh feed and troughs, while the Pig Performance Test System records the time and duration of each pig's visit, as well as the amount of feed consumed.
This data is transferred directly to your computer system in real time, perfect for generating reports or researching information related to variables such as nutrition, genetics and environmental factors.
Each unit can be used for 12 to 15 pigs, and each pig is tagged with a unique RFID tag for tracking purposes, simulating actual commercial production practices. Thanks to this advanced automation technology, manual methods of testing animals are completely eliminated, saving time and resources.


Growth Recorder (FIGR) is an intelligent pig performance measurement system developed and produced by Nanshang Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd., and the pig production performance measurement system integrates intelligent feeding, accurate weighing and other functions. At the same time of free feeding of pigs, dynamic and accurate weighing is completed, and performance parameters such as feeding rules, feed-to-meat ratio and other performance parameters of pigs are accurately counted, which provides a stable data basis for screening, breeding and protection of excellent breeding pig resources.

Product mix


(1) Automatic control of feeding and measurement process without human intervention;

(2) Automatic identification and display of the identity of the pigs (farm self-number and electronic ear tag number);

(3) Automatically display the feeding time, feeding time and feeding amount of pigs;

(4) Automatically measure daily weight and calculate daily weight gain;

(5) Automatic generation of daily measurement schedule;

(6) Automatic generation of daily measurement statistical table;

(7) Automatically generate statistics table of age segment;

(8) Automatically draw the growth performance curve during the measurement period.

Specification Parameters

Option Parameter
Number of pigs
Pig weight
Pig height
Hopper capacity 40kg
Weighing accuracy 10g
Networking Methods Wired + 4G Network \RJ45
Electrical parameters
220V AC,50-60Hz,Power 80w



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