Chain-disk feeding system for pig farms
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Chain-disk feeding system for pig farms

Chain-disk feeding system for pig farms is one of the most commonly used feed transfer and feeding systems and contains several components. A proper Chain-disk feeding system not only saves the investment in equipment for pig farms, but also saves labor costs. We can offer you a special Chain-disk feeding system for your pig farm, which has a long service life and requires little maintenance.


Composition: Plug chain + rope disk + feeding tube + clearing disk + connectors + corner wheel + drive main engine.

Product mix


Durable chain system for a complex feed circuit with many bends.transports your feed in a circuit from point A, back to point A.With Chain-disk feeding system for pig farms, you can transport a volume of 1100 kilograms per hour (2425 pounds).
The transport tubes are made of galvanized metal or stainless steel. For the bends, we use corner wheels made of nylon. They have a reputation for being the strongest on the market. The corner wheels create the flexibility in the Chain-disk feeding system. The wheels are robust, fully watertight and leak-free. Even if they are installed outside, the corner wheels are resistant to UV light and extreme temperature changes.
The chain that is pulled through the tubes is very strong. we have constructed it using a special steel alloy. Generally speaking, chains in chain systems will gradually stretch over time. However, the drive system in this system can compensate for this extra length (up to 35 cm), without you having to remove any links and without a reduction in performance.

Specification Parameters

The following parameter table is only a simple list, detailed parameters can be obtained by contacting the staff to obtain product specifications.In addition, we can develop customized feeding system solutions for your pig farm's specific situation.

Option Parameter
Feed storage bin Galvanized sheet silo
Drive box 1.5kw/2.2kw
Corner wheel 304 stainless steel
Feed pipe Double-sided galvanized steel pipe



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