Intelligent environment controller for pigsty
Intelligent environment controller for pigsty Intelligent environment controller environment controller climate controller

Intelligent environment controller for pigsty

Intelligent environment controller for pigsty has cell phone, computer remote monitoring and alarm function, with high safety protection level of electric power level, effectively eliminating lightning strikes, inverter interference and AC contact interference, etc. It can detect and control the temperature, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and differential pressure in the house. Considering the four seasons, the temperature difference between morning and evening, open parameter setting, can meet most of the environmental control needs, the overall simplicity and generosity, the interface is clear and bright, the operation is simple and easy to do, the control is powerful and strong, suitable for large and medium-sized farms environmental control.


Reasonable temperature, humidity, and concentration of ammonia and other harmful gases are prerequisites for healthy pig growth. Adopting intelligent environment controller can monitor these environmental factors in real time and turn on or off the environment control equipment (such as fans, water curtains, rolling curtains), saving labor and reducing risks.

Product mix

The following structure diagram is a simple display, specific product instructions please contact our staff to obtain.



Support AC220V access;
16 relay outputs (fan/wet curtain/heating spray alarm, etc.);
1 analog input (support up to 8-way sensor access);
3 analog outputs (variable frequency fan control);
2 potentiometer inputs (support roller shutter sliding window feedback signal control);
1 digital input (support pulse water meter, etc.);
Support 1 road outdoor, up to 8 road temperature and humidity;
1 CO2 concentration sensor;
1 NH3 concentration sensor;
1 wind speed sensor;
1 negative pressure sensor;
1 fan fault detection module;
Communication mode: sensor communication 485, ring controller communication Can.

Specification Parameters

The following parameter table is only a simple list, detailed parameters can be obtained by contacting the staff to obtain product specifications.

Option Parameter
Networking Methods 485,Can,Gateway communication mode 4G
Controllable device types
Fan,cooling pad,roller curtain,fogging system,Heating system,etc.
Number of relay outputs 16
Number of sensor access 8
Number of analog outputs 3
Number of Potentiometer Inputs 2
Number of digital inputs 1



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