smart pig farm for reserve sows

Author: Nanshang


Project Overview: The project is an intelligent pig farm for reserve pigs. It covers an area of 14,000 square meters, with 72 standard large pens in the house and a total investment of more than 10 million yuan. The project adopts the intelligent material line system, intelligent ring control system and intelligent feeding system independently developed by our factory. Among them, the most interesting one is the new generation of intelligent feeding products - Little Smart Herder - Fattening / Reserve Pro, which is customized according to the demand of the intelligent pig farm construction. 
Operation: The project has been put into production and is running well. According to the customer's demand for customized matching production of small smart herders - fattening / reserve Pro, to achieve a perfect match with the intelligent material line system and intelligent ring control system, to fully meet the customer's needs of various scenarios, all using porridge feeding, a perfect solution to the growth needs of the pigs at various stages of growth, all kinds of data indicators show that the Nanshang Agricultural products are at an advanced level in the country. 
Customer comment: "NSCA has high quality products, excellent quality, good service and very high efficiency for short delivery time, praise for you!"


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