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manure treatment equipment

Automatic cleaning

Automatically clean the manure inside the pigsty and transfer it to the fermentation tank or biogas tank outside the pigsty through the manure channel.

Storage and utilization

Scrapers, solid-liquid separators, fermentation tanks and other manure treatment equipment can store and utilize manure from pig farms effectively.

manure treatment equipment
intelligent pig farming

What are the advantages of intelligent pig farming compared to traditional pig farming

Through the Internet of Things, comprehensive management of equipment, breeders, pigstys, and pigs can be achieved, making pig farming more efficient and cost-effective. Meanwhile, intelligent pig farming can achieve remote management by raising pigs with a mobile phone or computer.



Manure scraper machine for pig farm

Manure scraper machine for pig farm

Manure scraper is a common automated equipment in pig farms, which provides pig farms with convenient measures to clear manure and greatly saves manpower.

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