Modern Pig Farm Construction: Structures of Various Pig Houses

Author: yanger


According to the gender, age, and production purpose of the pig population, various specialized pig houses should be constructed, such as boar houses, sow houses, nursery houses, and growing-finishing houses.
Sow House: It is divided into gestation houses and farrowing houses. Gestation houses can adopt group housing systems, while farrowing houses often use farrowing crates or farrowing pens for management. The construction of these pig houses, especially farrowing houses, should pay attention to insulation due to the high temperature control requirements.
Gestation House: In naturally raised pig farming, gestation houses are commonly used due to the convenience of maintaining and managing fermentation bedding. They can be designed in double-row or single-row structures, with a relatively small span and natural ventilation as the main ventilation method. Currently, the combination of automatic feeding systems for sows and natural pig farming systems is emerging.
Farrowing Room: Also known as the farrowing house. Through natural pig farming methods, the activity space for sows and piglets can be expanded. There are generally three modes: First, both sows and piglets stay on the farrowing crate, and the manure flows into the fermentation bedding pool, which helps decompose the manure. Second, sows are restricted on the farrowing crate, while piglets can move around on the crate or in the bedding area. This increases the activity range of piglets and allows them to restore their natural behavior. Third, unlimited stalls with feeding platforms, where both sows and piglets can move freely.
Nursery House
Nursery House: Two nursery beds are combined into one, with a bedding pit in the middle and two automatic feeding troughs on both sides, providing feed for pigs in adjacent stages, allowing them to freely choose their food. This increases the activity area for pigs, allowing them to play and restore their biological behavior.
Growing-Finishing House: Single-row natural pig houses are more suitable, ensuring sufficient sunlight and a large activity area for pigs.
These are the common structures of pig houses in modern pig farm construction. If you need to build a new pig farm and are struggling with how to design it, you can contact us. Our technical staff can provide construction plan guidance.


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