How to Facilitate Smooth Parturition in Sows

Author: yanger


Facilitating smooth parturition in sows not only reduces the sow's distress but also enhances the survival rate of piglets, thereby improving the profitability of the swine farm. According to statistics, in favorable conditions, the parturition process of a sow can be completed within 30 minutes, while under unfavorable circumstances, this process may extend up to 90 minutes. Several aspects need to be comprehensively considered for the smooth parturition of sows:
Adequate Nutritional Management: During pregnancy, sows require sufficient nutrition to support the growth and development of fetuses. Ensure to provide adequate and balanced feed, including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, to meet the sow's nutritional requirements.
Proper Exercise Management: During pregnancy, sows need a certain amount of exercise and sufficient space for movement. It is recommended to use electronic feeding station for sows, which not only enable precise feeding but also increase the sow's activity level.

Suitable Environmental Conditions: Ensure that the farrowing room maintains good temperature, humidity, and ventilation to provide a comfortable birthing environment. Additionally, maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the farrowing room to reduce the risk of disease transmission.
Preventive Healthcare Measures: Conduct preventive veterinary checks before parturition to ensure that sows are in good health, and administer necessary vaccines to prevent disease occurrence.
Monitoring and Intervention: Monitor the behavior and signs of sows as they approach parturition to promptly detect any abnormalities and intervene when necessary. During parturition, keep the farrowing room quiet and provide appropriate support and assistance. If needed, promptly contact a veterinarian for assistance.
Comfort and Safety of Sows: Provide appropriate farrowing pens and bedding to ensure that sows have enough space for parturition and reduce the risk of crushing piglets. Also, avoid excessive disturbance to sows and minimize external interference to ensure that sows remain relatively calm and relaxed during parturition.
By comprehensively considering these factors and implementing corresponding management measures, the smooth parturition of sows can be promoted, ensuring the health and safety of both sows and piglets.


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