How to choose farrowing crates for pig farms

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A farrowing crate is a common type of equipment in modern pig farming facilities, and selecting the right farrowing crate is crucial for both production efficiency and the health of the pigs. If your pig farm has over 100 sows, a well-thought-out plan is essential to ensure high operational efficiency. Here are several key factors to consider when choosing a farrowing crate:

1.Size and Design:
- Space Dimensions: The size of the farrowing crate should be suitable for the size and number of sows, allowing them to stand, lie down, and turn comfortably during farrowing while preventing piglets from scattering excessively.
- Design: Optimal farrowing crate designs include appropriate side rails, comfortable flooring, and adequate water and feed facilities to provide comfort and safety for both sows and piglets.
2.Materials and Durability:
- Material Selection: Farrowing crates are typically made from galvanized or stainless steel, known for their corrosion resistance and durability, capable of withstanding long-term use and regular cleaning and disinfection.
- Durability: Choosing a reliable quality farrowing crate ensures it can withstand the activity and use by sows and piglets, ensuring long-term usability and performance stability.
3.Cleanliness and Hygiene:
- Cleaning Design: Farrowing crates should be easy to clean and disinfect to minimize disease transmission and maintain good hygiene conditions.
- Ventilation and Drainage: Ensuring the farrowing crate design facilitates ventilation and drainage helps avoid water pooling and overly damp environments.
- Protective Measures: Farrowing crates should incorporate appropriate safeguards to prevent sows from crushing piglets or injuring themselves.
- Ease of Operation: Accessibility for personnel to enter the farrowing crate for inspection and care should be ensured, maintaining operational safety and effectiveness.
- Overall Costs: Considering the purchase price, operational costs, and maintenance expenses of farrowing crates, choose a product that best fits your budget and offers long-term investment returns.
When selecting farrowing crates, it's advisable to communicate with multiple manufacturers to understand their product features and services. Customization options can be explored to meet specific requirements and conditions of your pig farming facility. Site visits and referencing experiences from other pig farms are also crucial steps in making the final decision. We are manufacturers of pig farming equipment, currently offering a dozen varieties of farrowing crates. If you have a detailed blueprint that perfectly matches your farm's needs, we also provide customized production services. Feel free to contact our online customer service or leave us a message for further assistance.


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