Types of Cooling Equipment for Pig Houses

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To effectively cool pig houses, various equipment and systems can be used. The specific choice depends on the type of pig house. Our designers can provide you with a customized cooling solution for your pig house that ensures effective cooling while achieving high energy efficiency. Here are some common cooling devices for pig houses:
- Exhaust Fans: Used to expel hot air from the pig house, enhancing air circulation.
- Fans: Installed inside the pig house to promote air movement and help dissipate heat.
- Evaporative Cooling Pads: Installed on one side of the pig house with exhaust fans on the opposite side. They reduce the internal temperature through the principle of evaporation and heat absorption.
- Sprinklers: Installed inside the pig house to periodically spray water, creating a mist that cools the air through evaporation.
- Cooling Mats: Laid in certain areas of the pig house where pigs can rest, absorbing body heat to provide cooling.
- Shade Nets: Installed outside the pig house to reduce direct sunlight and lower the temperature inside.
- Shade Panels: Fixed outside the roof or windows of the pig house to block some of the sunlight.
- Insulation Boards: Installed on the roof and walls of the pig house to reduce external heat entering the interior.
- Reflective Coatings: Applied to the roof of the pig house to reflect part of the solar radiation, reducing heat absorption.
- Evaporative Fan Systems: A combination of cooling pads and fans, where the pads absorb water and cool the air, which is then blown into the pig house by the fans.
- Mobile Cooling Equipment:
- Portable Air Conditioners: Used for localized cooling and can be moved to the areas needing cooling.
- Portable Coolers: Similar to portable air conditioners but simpler in structure, suitable for temporary or localized cooling needs.
- High-Pressure Misting Systems: Use a high-pressure pump to atomize water into tiny droplets, which evaporate quickly, absorbing heat and lowering the ambient temperature.
- Ice and Freezing Facilities: Placing ice blocks or frozen bags inside the pig house to provide localized cooling effects.

By wisely selecting and combining these cooling devices, you can provide effective cooling solutions for pig houses based on specific conditions, ensuring that pigs remain healthy and comfortable during hot seasons. However, cooling a pig house requires an overall solution that combines different ventilation modes and cooling equipment. If you need professional guidance, please consult online or leave us a message.


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