5 considerations for the construction of large-scale pig farms

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1.Site selection:
Far away from villages, main roads, and other livestock farms by at least 3 kilometers.
Far away from slaughterhouses, chemical plants, and other sources of pollution.
Sunny, wind-protected, high and dry terrain, good ventilation, adequate water and electricity supply (a pig farm with 20,000 heads requires approximately 300 tons of water per day), good water quality, convenient drainage, and relatively convenient transportation.
It is preferable to have supporting facilities such as fish ponds, orchards, or arable land.
construction of large-scale pig farms
2.Farm layout:
Divided into three areas: living management area, production supporting area (feed workshop, warehouse, veterinary room, changing room, etc.), and production area.
The production area is arranged in the order of breeding houses, gestation houses, farrowing houses, growing houses, fattening (or finishing) houses, and loading platforms, from the upwind direction to the downwind direction. The breeding houses should have exercise yards.
3.Three-point system:
Breeding area, farrowing area, and fattening area are relatively independent and are located at least 500 meters apart from each other.
4.Disease prevention and safety:
The entrance of the pig farm should have a disinfection pool and be equipped with a disinfection machine for vehicles.
A personnel disinfection passage should be set up, and incoming personnel should undergo registration and disinfection.
Grazing around the pig farm is prohibited, and cooperation with the immunization work of surrounding villages and towns is encouraged.
It is preferable to have a wall and an epidemic prevention ditch. For further details, refer to the sanitation and epidemic prevention system.
5.Manure treatment and environmental protection:
Before establishing the farm, it is necessary to understand the local land planning and environmental protection planning for the next 20 years, as well as relevant policies, and tailor the supporting sewage discharge system engineering according to local conditions to avoid continuous troubles after production.


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